Urban Hikes Washington

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spruce railroad trail

“Crisp air and fall colors invite an outdoor adventure, and we have the book for you! Urban Hikes Washington by Brandon Fralic and Rachel Wood presents forty urban hikes that showcase the Evergreen State’s diversity. They roughly define an urban hike as a marriage between hiking trails and travel with hikes that are in a city or within 30 minutes drive of a city. So you’ll find city walks like the South Bay Trail in Bellingham and the Capital Lake Loop in our state’s capital, Olympia, as well as isolated rambles through forests and canyons such as the Cowiche Canyon Trail near Yakima and the Dishman Hills Loop just outside of Spokane. There’s a handy overview map, a trail finder summary, and each trail has vital stats like distance, hiking time, difficulty, best time to visit, in addition to helpful tips like nearby restaurants and lodging. So get out and explore our state with the recently released, Urban Hikes WA!”

-Trailblazer Girl

Wet Boots, Dry Hops: Urban Hikes Washington & Meadowdale Beach Park